While Healing Comes

Stephanie’s Story: Our Battle to Overcome Cerebral Palsy

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While Healing Comes is the story of my family’s journey through the ups and downs of caring for Stephanie, our special needs daughter. Almost 19 years ago, we were blessed with twin girls that arrived prematurely to this world. Despite of her efforts to hold on to life, Debora, lost her battle two weeks later. Stephanie had a tough road ahead of her. This book is a tribute to her bravery and perseverance. It’s a testimony to God’s faithfulness throughout the years.

Writing this book was not an easy task for me. I had to go back and relive the difficult moments as I remembered the details of her battles with many sicknesses. Many times I wanted to quit as I became overwhelmed with emotions and regrets. It was by grace that I was able to finish this book. Despite of its intense story, this book is full of hope and faith. It will encourage you as you face your own struggles in life. Here’s some of the feedback I got from my readers;

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I couldn’t put this book down! There was hard truth, but somehow at the same time, it was filled with a great hope. What a privilege to have the whole story giving us all courage to endure. My bravery as a parent has been multiplied because of you.”

Bethel SOZO Regional Facilitator for DE, NJ, NY and PA Bethel SOZO Team Leader at the House of Praise in Greenwood, DE

I was most struck by the outpoured grace so apparent in the life of this brave woman. The depth of character evident in her because of this incredible journey is both admirable and inspiring. With so much that could make her a victim and paralyze her joy, Faye has instead become a shining light of God’s expressed glory. This story will move you in unexpected ways.

Author of Intentionality, Live on Purpose! Motivational Speaker, Master Coach Director, The Favor Foundation

A heart-gripping book from the very first page, While Healing Comes depicts the heart of every mother who has struggled with the diagnosis of a special needs child. This is not a book of trauma and self-pity, but of hope and faith, it is a book of healing and surrender. Faye introduces us to a God who carries us when life gets hard, and empowers us to face the challenges and difficulties of parenting and life in general. This is a beautiful read!

Shepherding Pastor & Director of Ministries, Resurrection Church in New York, NY

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