Health Coach

“Why do I need a health coach?”, you might be asking. In response, I want to ask you a few questions:

  • Are you one of the 80% of people who broke their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthy?
    Don’t wait till Jan,2019 to start again! I can help you make small lifestyle changes that will move you closer to achieving your health goals.
  • Are you confused about the reason why you gain weight? Or why is it so hard to lose it?
    You might need to make some dietary changes but you don’t know where to start. I can help you avoid the pitfalls and steer you towards the right changes for you.
  • Are you stressed out with family and work responsibilities?
    Stress and anxiety are major contributors to chronic diseases. I can teach you how to prioritize your life and get a handle on your stress.
  • Are you confused about which diet to follow?
    Existing diets contradict with each other making it hard to decide which one to follow. Your body should be the final authority. I am here to help you discover what works for your body.
  • Are you discouraged from past failures? Have you tried many methods but nothing worked for the long run?

I don’t blame you. A lot of times it is difficult to change our habits in order to lose weight. Every time you try another way to lose weight without satisfying results, adds to your sense of failure until you get to the point of not caring. Allow me to rekindle your hope and help you sort through the massive amount of information to decide which plan works best for your body and lifestyle.

Don’t Delay…

If you are suffering from lifestyle maladies like blood sugar (hyper or hypo), high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, digestive discomfort or autoimmune disease, it’s time to take action. No one diet works for everyone. Together, you and I, can figure out the most nourishing diet and lifestyle that works best for you. Leave the pain behind and start living in the body you know you deserve. Contact me to start your journey to a better future.

Success Story

I have had the pleasure of working with Faye Doudak for the past several months. She has been my health coach. I highly recommend her services. I have learned so much from her. It was not just a weight loss journey but an education of understanding myself and why I do the things I do especially in the area of food. I have had so many “ah ha” moments where with her guidance I was able to identify thought patterns that contributed to my food choices.

I have lost weight through this journey (50 pounds) but I can honestly say that the knowledge I have gained about myself and food has been life changing. I finally feel like I have the tools to continue to make the right decisions to continue to be successful in my weight loss journey.

I am forever grateful to Faye and the way she cared for me in this journey. She loves people and it is evident in everything she teaches you.

– J.R.


Complimentary Strategic Session

I would like to invite you to a complimentary 30-45 min coaching session with me. This is an opportunity for you to get to know me and decide if I can further help you in your health journey. I also get to know if I am a good fit for you or not. In this session, we will discuss your goals, the obstacles standing in your way and how you can get past these obstacles. By the end of the session, you will know yourself a bit better and you will have more defined goals and a clearer understanding of what is standing in your path. There’s no strings attached. We can either meet in person or via phone. Make an appointment today.

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90-Day Total Transformation Program

Health coaching is not only about losing weight. You might have another health goal in mind like; increasing your energy, managing a sickness or creating healthier habits. You might be a fairly healthy person but you are stuck in a certain area and can’t move on to the next level. This program is about making life changes that result in total transformation. Our behavior stems from our beliefs and those are rooted deep in our identity since childhood. Transformation happens when we reprogram our thinking and adopt new beliefs. Only then we can change our behavior and enjoy an altered life style. In this program, we will meet once a week for 60 minutes over a 12-week period. We can either meet in person or via phone, Skype or any other online medium. I am very effective in helping you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Together we will uncover the blocking beliefs that are standing in the way of your success and learn new concepts that are more in sync with who you want to become. I will support you in every step you make until you no longer need my help. I invite you to step into a new adventure and embark on a fun journey of discovering who you are.

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Success Stories

I had the great opportunity of working with Faye on the 90-Day Total body transformation Program. Working with her through the 90 days was a thought provoking, awakening and gratifying experience.

Although still in progress, a highlight of working with Faye was when, at the very beginning of the program, she introduced the concept of making myself a priority, and honoring myself. This was powerful and without a doubt eye opening for me. I had to work hard learning how to make myself first. Acknowledging that I deserve to be honored and that little gestures to myself can go really far in appreciating who I was created to be.

To create new habits, we have to learn new ones. Learning to undo old habits of eating, how to prevent sabotaging myself, and redefining how God sees me were some of the concepts we covered and introduced in my life.

Every week I looked forward to our session with Faye. She not only helps you with techniques to change habits or simply create new ones, but also her sensitivity, listening ear and positive approach makes you comfortable to confide in her with life’s challenges.

I highly recommend the 90-day program with Faye. You not only sign up for body transformation but for a total body, mind and soul transformation.



14-Day Detox

You are constantly exposed to toxins-chemicals and additives, pesticides, air pollution and preservatives in the food you eat and the hygiene products you use. Cleansing is one of the helpful ways to improve your health and feel good. Your body is working constantly to neutralize and remove the toxins. However, sometimes, it gets overwhelmed with the continual bombarding of toxins in the environment and it needs a little help. It is recommended to do a cleanse every three to four months. Also, it’s always a good idea to do a detox before starting a new diet to give yourself a fresh start.

This detox is gentle and doable. It doesn’t involve deprivation or crazy steps. It will also work with your busy life. You will actually get to eat real food. You will surely feel better, sleep better and be encouraged to start your new healthy life style. You might even lose a little weight.

Whether you decided to do it as a prelude to the 90-Day Total Transformation Program, weight-loss plan or just for the sake of cleansing, your body will thank you. I want to invite you to take action and do this gentle cleanse with me.

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